A Cuban "American" Mojito

If you know me then you know I’m always thinking outside the box and trying to do something different. How can I make a delicious Cuban mojito with a twist? In the spirit of #SipOnTheBrightSide, I went down to my local grocer and picked up a six-pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade. What if I added this yummy beverage to my mojito recipe? It was a hot summer day so I was inspired to elevate my ritual.

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A&W Root Beer Memories

We are right in the thick of baseball season.  The perfect time of the year for grilling and rooting for your home team.  One of my fondest memories in my teens is having a Dulce de Leche A&W® Root Beer floats with my Mom while watching baseball. They were a great compliment to whatever we were grilling during the game. A&W is celebrating its 100th anniversary and I wanted to recreate my favorite #AWMemories with my wife, who never had the chance to experience one of those yumm floats during the game.  A&W Root Beer basted burgers is what I was craving to have with my dulce de leche floats.

After making a list of my ingredients, I headed down to Walmart in Burbank.  It’s the perfect one stop shop for everything I needed to complete my meal.

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