Born and raised in Miami, Florida, I received inspiration from my parents Antonio, a successful jazz drummer and Eva, a life-long pianist who both fled the island of Cuba for a better life at the age of 18.  By the age of six I began playing the piano and vocal training.  This led me to perform on stage at Coral Gables Senior High School and major in Theatre at Florida International University. 

After college, I was hired as one of the hosts on an interactive Latino oriented talk show "Chat" on NBC Mun2.  This international exposure to the Latino community inspired me to always keep my Latin heritage close to heart and never forget my roots.  A year later I was inspired to pick up and move across the country from Miami, Florida to sunny Los Angeles, California.  

In Los Angeles is where I was bitten by the cooking and foodie bug.  For past seven years I've travelled the globe in search of foods, tastes, and places that move me.  TheYumYumFoodie is a blog that was created to share all of these wonderful and not so wonderful experiences in my culinary life.  

My Latin passion and heritage are what inspire me to share foodie life or #VidaFoodie with the world.  Along with my wife Yisbel and my dog Indiana "Indie" Jones I will continue to bring an honest, irreverent, and "No holds barred" approach to life.  Lastly I will always honor my parent's example of perseverance and passion by going through life with only one motto: "I can: