A tasty bite with your stella artois delight

Beer tastes great alone but it can't hurt to throw a little spread on some bread with it.

Quicker Than a 90 mile swim from Key West to cuba

I would highly advise against it however if 90 miles is what you had to swim to get a taste of this super tender slow cocker pork some might say it'd be worth it.    

Grilled Teriyaki Pork

You might think you're turning Japanese (I really think so)




If you've ever wanted to know the secret behind the perfect Cuban Latte you'll want to watch this behind-the-scene video.   See how it all unfolds from the bean into your cup.  For the full recipe follow this link to the original blog post

Pork shoulder made easy

You may ask yourself how can a pork shoulder simmered for hours to the point that it just melts apart get any better.... we'll we've added ham and bacon.  Things are always better when you add bacon. Here's my take on a Cuban Style Pork Shoulder that will have everyone unbuckling their belt.  

Click here for the full recepie

steak dinner - mission  "not so" impossible

Salt, Pepper, good cut of meat and a grill; it's really not that complicated as long you have a good stop watch to time it.  This will surely impress the special someone in your life without having to hide the take-out containers.