Terroni DTLA: Pasta, Cured Meats, and Amazing Steak!

Pardon The Punctuation... Resting in what used to be a 1924 bank building sits Terroni restaurant in downtown Los Angeles.  Not only is the design of the dining room breathtaking but so is the food and cocktails.  Whether you're on a date or  you just want to sit at the bar and grab a bite  there is nothing on this menu that will disappoint you.   All the ingredients are as fresh as they can be and I guarantee they'll put a smile on your face and in your tummy. Here's a list of what to order for the perfect dinner that has my stamp of approval.

Pre dinner cocktail: "Build Your Own" Gin and Tonic.  in general gin and tonic is not the first ring that I order when I head to a bar but Terroni has found an innovative to make basic cocktail exciting.  You have the option of choosing between eight different gins, seven different tonic mixers, and nine different garnishes. I went with the Bulldog London gin, Indi &Co. orange tonic, and Juniper berries for garnish.  No joke this was the best most refreshing gin and tonic I've ever had! 


2013 Carvinea Negroamaro: This is a great value wine for any restaurant.  They tend to be ready to drink on the younger side which equals to a lower price point for you. At the restaurant it's $56.00 which is a great price considering a cost about $35.00 retail.  Rich in color and goes great with any nice pasta dish or steak for that matter.  If money is no object or you want to try something different there sommelier Eduardo Will guide you perfectly on the journey of your meal.


Piatto a Stutare: Prosciutto San Daniele, burrata, grilled fresh artichokes, mint and extra-virgin olive oil.   This is the kind of prosciutto that melts in your mouth. The creamy burrata acts like a milky bed on your tongue for that salty prosciutto goodness to rest.  The grilled bitter radicchio and sweet and I've world perfect combination to finish off each bite.

Polipo alla Griglia: Grilled octopus served with potatoes, cherry tomatoes, and black olives.  For those of you who follow me know that I'm a huge fan of octopus but I'm also not a huge fan of poorly cooked octopus.  Well, I'm a huge fan of this perfectly cooked octopus dish. Tender without even a hint of chewiness.  The tomatoes gave it just the right amount of acidity and the potatoes gave a very home-cooked feel.  I could probably eat this dish every single day of my life.


Pappardelle al Coniglio: Pappardelle in slow cooked rabbit Ragu with oyster mushrooms.  Pappardelle  is probably my favorite pasta.  These elegant ribbons are cooked to perfection and the rabbit Ragu will make you a happy camper.  It tastes like it's been slow cooked for hours. Full of flavor.

Tagliolini in Canna a Mare: Tagliolini with fresh clams, fresh mussels, calamari, scallops and tiger shrimp in a light tomato sauce.  This is the kind of comforting dish that would make Tony Soprano smile with glee.  The delicate flavors of the fresh seafood are highlighted by the light tomato sauce which enhance these flavors. 


Fiorentina alla Griglia: Finale the "Piece De Resistance!" This is the perfect example of not having to go to a steakhouse to have an amazing steak.  In the top five steaks I've had since living in Los Angeles.  Good quality steak starts with good quality meat. That's why they buy their steaks from Rocker Bros. in town. It is seasoned with just salt pepper and a little bit of olive oil...and that's all it needs. Just uploading the pictures of this to my site are making my mouth water.  When a server walks by your table with this steak it will turn more heads than Bo Derek in her prime.  If there were a Parisian perfume shop of beef this would be in the display window.  There is enough food on this plate to feet three normal human beings or a small village.  The vegetables that come with it are also delicious. This steak gets a 10 out of 10.


Espresso Martini: Blue ice vodka, Cartron Cacao, Espresso, Cream, and Walnut Bitters.  This is the ultimate dessert cocktail.  If you want the kick of coffee with the kick of vodka...have one.

Tiramisu: Mascarpone, savoiardi, coffee and chocolate.  You can't go wrong with homemade Tiramisu.

Tortino Di Limone: Rich lemon custard tart served with zabaione gelato.  I'm a huge fan of key lime pie and usually not a fan of lemon. This tart was bad ass.  It may change my mind on future lemon desserts and giving them a try.  Perfect way to finish dessert after a hearty steak.


If you're trying to figure out where to go to dinner tonight look no further than Terroni in DTLA.  You will hunt me down afterwards to thank me...hunt me down in a non creepy way I hope.