Oh My! I love Ramen by Omae!

Pardon The Punctuation... Recently check out "Ramen By Omae" in Sherman Oaks and let me tell you that papa bear like.  I like my Ramen spicy so i ordered the Kogashi spicy pork ramen. The Ramen came with pork belly slices, bean sprouts, and green onions.  I tasted the broth before mixing in the spice and you got the full flavor of the burnt and smokey broth. The Best Ramen broth I've had in Los Angeles.  After mixing in the spice the flavors popped. It's not too spicy. The heat was right on point. It wasn't too overbearing killing your taste buds or the flavor of the unique broth.  The noodles they use are killer. I'd say they're like  a thick al dente spaghetti type Japanese noodle. They held the texture of a perfectly cooked calamari throughout the meal.

If in the mood for some awesome Ramen in Los Angeles look no further than Ramen by Omae.