Roast, My Favorite Happy Hour in Detroit

Pardon The Punctuation...We know Detroit didn't have the best year financially so I can imagine it's not easy to go out and spend your hard earned money if you live in Motown. "Iron Chef" Michael Symon has put together a happy hour menu that is delicious and won't break the bank. At his restaurant "Roast" in downtown Detroit you can grab a burger and a glass of wine for under ten bucks. That's right, monday through friday form 4:30-6:30 you can sit the bar and have select plates for $3 or $4 and beer or wine for $4. I had to check this out while in town and this is what I had.

Bar Burger: A killer burger cooked to order and topped with a fried egg, bacon, and served on a toasted English muffin. This was less expensive than eating at most fast food restaurant and twenty times better. I'll be having this again before I leave town.

Stuffed Peppers: House made sausage stuffed in a perfectly roasted pepper and covered with a spicy red sauce. Another wonderfully executed dish that they could easily charge $12 for. This was a great recommendation from the bartender.

Mac N'Cheese: I'm a big fan of elevated comfort food. This did not disappoint. A generous portion covered with some crunchy bread crumb. Just a quality dish and an amazing price.

After this experience I'll be coming back to "Roast" before I leave town. I had those three dishes plus two glasses of wine and my bill was just over twenty bucks. The full dinner menu looks to be my next adventure when I head here next week. If money is tight and you still wanna treat yourself to a great meal give them a try for this happy hour.