Comedian Carrie Long Gives us a Gluten-Free Option in Chicago

Pardon The Punctuation...mine not hers. A first here at TheYumYumFoodie...I've decided to occasionally feature fellow foodies who have something interesting to say. Here is my dear friend and comedian Carrie Long who is allergic to gluten and always looking for great tips on gluten-free options where ever she travels. While in Chicago she discovered this fine example of Gluten Free pizza. For some good laughs and excellent DIY tips I suggest you follow her on twitter. Enjoy!


'As a comedian, it is expected I discuss less than socially appropriate topics, like my over-active colon and it's incredible ability to (*ahem) shall we say, mass produce from any encounter with the devil ingredient, gluten. However, it is no laughing matter sneaky ass gluten keeps me from noshing on REAL (yeah, I said it New Yorkers) deep-dish Chicago style pizza. Have mercy. I lived in Chi-town for 7 deep dish years...try and take my 14 pound 9 inches deep slice of pizza from me, and I'll gnaw your arm off at the collar bone like crazed beaver. I've had "real" pizza full of gluten and all it's glory...and then all things delicious were taken from me thanks to being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I'd given up on pizza, especially while on the road traveling. Gluten free pizza that doesn't taste like a soggy saltine with ketchup AND is readily available, doesn't exist. That is until Forno, a convention center hotel pizza and salad cafe. A grab and go. A jet-setters snack shop. I strolled in for a quick bite assuming I'd be forced to choke down yet another salad, I half-assed asked if they had gluten-free crust for their fire oven pizza. CUE THE CELEBATORY DOVES...they do! What the what?! It 'twas glorious their gluten free crust and hot damn if it's not one of the most delicious glutard crusts I've ever had the joy of introducing to my taste buds. OH AND DID I MENTION it didn't make me want to sh*t myself while my intestinal track digested it?! AGAIN WITH THE CELEBATORY DOVES. Celiac nation rejoice. Forno's pizza may not have been Chicago style deep dish, but it was an impressive gluten free crust loaded with toppings and kicked me in the face with its "real" taste. Above all, it was readily available at a convention center hotel cafe. Wow. Made my week. Double wow. Two thumbs up for this windy city hidden gem.
Pros: friggin' tasty, almost as good as the real thing, loaded with toppings/cheese
Cons: little pricey at $13, but NO up-charge for the gluten free crust & enough pizza for 2 hungry mouths to share."

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