Review "Proof on Main" in Downtown Louisville Kentucky

Pardon the Punctuation...When touring the "Bourbon trail" in Kentucky a foodie has to eat. A friend of mine who toured the trail recommended "Proof on Main" located at the 21 Museum hotel in downtown. Chef Levon Wallace from Los Angeles has brought a primo example of modern cuisine to town. Here's what I had.

Charred Octopus: with bagna cauda, lime and toast. I'm usually a little skeptical about eating any seafood this far away from the ocean but it was brought to my attention that there is a hub for UPS close by so all of the seafood is fresh. The octopus was charred perfectly and tender in the middle. Bagna cauda is so yummy I suggest getting some extra bread for dipping when you're done with the pulpo. I'm such a slut for good octopus.

Smoked NC Catfish Dip: with homemade hot sauce and sea salt crackers. Being from Florida I know me some fish dip. This one rocks...nothing more to say.

Woodland Farm Hog Chop: with shelling beans, confit tomato, salsa verde, and pea tips. Nothing like a farm fresh pork chop. The beans, tomato, and salsa all come together to enhance the chop. A good size portion that will take care of business.

Diver Scallops: with country ham, "corn bread", and asparagus. The country ham alone is slightly too salty for the dish but when combined with everything on the plate it blends like a symphony of flavor.

Chocolate Goo Cake: espresso gelato, ganache, citron, and nibs. They had me at goo. Great way to end the meal.

If in Louisville and you want to elevated food, walk your butt into Proof on Main and have yourself a meal. Worth every penny.