Fogo De Chao: Good Food Does Not Overpower Shady Upcharge Tactics

Pardon the punctuation...Made my way over to the rodizio spot Fogo De Chao in Beverly Hills for some yummy Brazilian meat. To be honest with you as I always am, dinner was great. The food was a great value. About $62 for all the meat you can eat. The service was also impeccable and the team of servers worked together like a fine tuned NBA basketball team. This is all I'm going to say about the food and service. What happened next pissed me off enough to never spend another penny or second of my time there again. After a phenomenal dinner I was presented with the check. A $19 shrimp cocktail was on that check. I was asked earlier by a shady hair slicked back waiter if I wanted a shrimp cocktail to accompany my wine because it would work perfectly with it blah blah blah. If you've never been to Fogo De Chao...they present you with no menu. Meaning there's only one thing to order which is the rodizio which includes all of the meats you can eat. The "slick" server who offered me the shrimp cocktail was pushing it like it was no big deal and included in the meal. Well it wasn't...and it also wasn't worth the $19 I was charged for it. $19? What kind of arbitrary number is's kind of like they're saying,"We're going to screw and we're going to use a price that makes no sense." If you're going to f*ck me at least have the balls to charge me $20! I paid for this shrimp cocktail by the way. I ordered it and let the head waiter know how I felt about this shady practice of raising my bill. Also I tipped well above 20% and thanked all of the other servers who took great care of me. I can't imagine how many times this asshole has done this to unsuspecting guests. At least this unsuspecting guest can call you out at let his audience know the shit you pulled.