"The Six" Restaurant in Studio City has the best Steak for under $25

Pardon the Punctuation...Last night my wife and I went to one of our "go to" places "The Six" which is next to our house to grab a quick dinner. While looking at the menu a waiter walked by with a dish that had an aroma that made me turn my head like Linda Blair in "The Exocist." Being the nosey patron that I am, I asked the neighboring table what they ordered. It was the Niman Ranch hanger steak with house made steak sauce and fries. Done and done. My menu was closed and mind was made up. Medium rare and with truffle fries is the way to go with this delectable piece of beef. The best part about this meal was the price, $25. The menu price for the steak is $23 but there is a $2 charge for the truffle fries. "The Six" could easily charge $30-$40 for the quality of what you're getting. I've paid over $50 for steaks that haven't measured up to this one. Perfectly seasoned, cooked, and the house sauce was just icing on the cake. For dessert we went with the banana cream pie. This is hands down one of the best desserts I've had since living in Los Angeles. It's dense and has a crunchy bottom layer of Oreo cookies. If you're in LA and want to have an amazing dinner for under $40, swing by The Six and enjoy.