Surprise Shrimp Tacos at "Kings Road Cafe" Studio City

Pardon the Punctuation...When I met up with my friend Natalie at Kings Road Cafe yesterday I wasn't hungry and was just going to have the usual, amazing "Rocket Fuel" coffee. She was on the hungry side and asked our waiter Daniel what his favorite dish was and he pushed for the shrimp tacos. When I think of Kings Road Cafe the last thing on my mind is shrimp tacos. After tasting hers they will be the first thing on my mind next time I order lunch there. Having friends with stomachs the size of a zip lock bags means I get to reap the benefits of their left overs. So I ravaged the second taco on the plate. Those shrimp were cooked to perfection and covered in just the right amount of avocado and fresh house made salsa. Goes to show you that you should always ask your server what they love the most on the menu. You might be as pleasantly surprised as I was.