Is The Food Worth The Wait? "Bottega Louie" Los Angeles

Pardon The Punctuation...Made the trip to downtown LA on friday night with some visiting family who wanted to check out Bottega Louie. After being told a 45 min to 1 hour wait for a table, we actually waited 90 min for it. Though the manager was more than accommodating, the food and service were completely sub par. This was my 5th time to Bottega Louie and I have to say it might be my last. After being blatantly lied to by the smug hostesses as they let a few groups of their douchie hipster friends sit ahead of people that had been waiting their turn, we were finally seated. Our first server barely introduced himself and after taking a drink order pawned us off to a much nicer waiter. We ordered the Brussels sprouts, portobello mushroom fries, a lasagna, and two pizzas. The burrata pizza and the bianco pizza. The sprouts we undercooked and lacked flavor. The portobello fries on the other hand were crunchy, delicious, and came with tasty side of aioli sauce for dipping. The Lasagna's meat ragù is amongst the best I've had in town and is never disappointing. Both of the pizzas were ok. You can never go wrong with toppings like prosciutto, ricotta, and roasted garlic but at $20 per pizza it's just not worth it. We also ordered a porchetta sandwich that never made it to our table. After letting our server know he apologized and the manager offered us coffee and dessert on the house. Tiramisu and creme brûlée were brought over to end the night along with espresso for the table. That tiramisu was killer. It was a nice gesture but I have to be honest, This was not worth the wait and overall experience. Perhaps I'll give them a year and check them out again.