Fraiche Yogurt San Francisco

Pardon the Punctuation...While walking up Fillmore in San Francisco I stumbled upon this great little spot called Fraiche. From the outside it looks like your basic unassuming froyo spot. Once you walk in you are greeted to the land of homemade organic everything. Being the chocoholic that I am, of course I ordered a small frozen yogurt that was half Oreo and half chocolate with raspberry and fresh shaved dark chocolate. That's right..fresh shaved chocolate. When you order chocolate as a topping, the person behind the counter grabs what looks like a machete and shaves fresh dark chocolate. So how was it? The yogurt was as fresh as it gets. Just pure deliciousness. Also the huge variety of fresh ingredients is also a nice touch. The highlight of the experience was a chocolate chip cookie I picked up to have the next day. Holy crap what an amazing cookie. Amongst my friends I'm known as a bit of a Cookie Monster. This cookie was the "crack" of cookies. I was one step away from putting the cookie in a pipe and smoking it. Chewy, purely perfect and with just the right amount of chocolate. Also they are not overly sweet. TLC is the best thing about Fraiche and it's a great thing to walk into an establishment where people love what they do. If you love cookies and yogurt, take the time to make your way over to this gem on Fillmore.