Top Pet Friendly Coffee Places in Los Angeles

Pardon The Punctuation...If you're a dog owner like myself and you actually care about your dog, you might be the kind of person who enjoys taking your pup out with you for coffee. Southern California is a pet friendly part of the country and here my favorite places to bring my dog Indie. Yes even Korea town is pet friendly...insert joke here____.

M Street Coffee: This Sherman Oaks coffee shop is awesome. About 6 tables outside are perfect for you and Fido to sit down and enjoy a beautiful Cali day. Patrons are always bringing their dogs so there is always a new pup around for your dog to make friends with. Besides that their coffee rocks. Try the MStreet latte or the cold brew....yum! They epitomize "Mom and Pop." Great local coffee house.

Urth Cafe on Melrose: If you want to go Celeb sighting with your pup this is the coffee shop for you. I've seen everyone from the likes of Will Ferrell, Mandy Moore, Jennifer Hudson, Billy Corgan, and Michelle Pfeiffer at this West Hollywood trendy spot. Don't let the trendyness fool you. They make some of the best organic coffee beverages in town. Their "Spanish Latte" is still my favorite latte of all time and is an LA must have.

Kings Road Cafe: I was heart broken when their Studio City location closed but luckily the location on Beverly still packs an amazing coffee punch. The Coffee here is like rocket fuel. I'm Cuban and I still think that King's Road Cafe coffee is the stronger than any of the stuff they brew down in Miami. I'll take the Pepsi challenge with that shit. They've got plenty of tables outside for you and your pooch and besides the rockin coffee they have the best Blueberry Muffin on the planet...there I said it.

Coffee Commissary: Discovered this this great spot on fairfax yesterday. Had to add it to the list. Great artisan coffee and a laid back atmosphere. It's also nice there is a great little pet store just a few doors down. Be sure to bring your hipster repellant, this place is worth the trip.

These are my top 4 pet friendly coffee places in LA...and yeah I'm sure Korea town is pet friendly. I'm just not taking my dog down there. You can't go wrong at either of them and I say you give them all a try.