The Cold Brew from "Ground Work Coffee"

Pardon the Punctuation...Ground Work Coffee in Los Angeles is known for always having high quality coffee and teas and they recently added a new awesome product to their arsenal. The "Cold Brew" coffee in the bottle. For those of you not familiar with Cold brew coffee, it's basically coffee brewed through a process of using room temperature or cold water and is sometimes referred to as a Toddy coffee that tends to be on sweeter side. The reason it tastes sweeter is that this style of brewing produces a lower acid coffee. Cold brewing actually changes the chemical profile of the coffee and is completely different than Iced Coffee. Now that we've gotten the scientific bull crap out of the way lets get to the nitty gritty. The manager at the Hollywood location Carissa was great and gave me a bottle of this caffeine potion. I guess the offer of free publicity didn't hurt either. It was smooth and just as sweet as advertised. Not sweet like it was filled with sugar, but it didn't have the usual bite that regularly brewed coffee has. If you suffer from acid reflux cold brew coffee is perfect for you and should be a bit easier on the tummy. After trying this I don't think I'll be able to do the standard iced coffee anymore. The cold brew feels more refined and really brings out the natural flavors in the coffee. If you're in Los Angeles swing by "Ground Work Coffee" and give this bottle a try. Whether you pour it over ice and add cream n sugar or you just drink it straight out of the bottle it's worth every penny.