Review of "Genius Gin" a Craft Gin of The Gods.

Pardon The Punctuation...Austin is quickly becoming a craft distillery hot bed in the states. Genius Liquids is has come up with a stellar example of a craft gin that's perfect on it's own or in a specialty cocktail. To start, the bottle and art work on it are gorgeous. Once you give it the first whiff you're hit with a pungent floral goodness of sweet juniper. It's spicy, sweet, and has a zesty finish. Hints of lemon linger on the palate. Where it really shines is in a fresh cocktail. Thankfully their website has some great recipes to try. The Fitzgerald caught my attention. Gave it a whirl and out came an exquisite craft cocktail that didn't cost $15 at the bar. If you're having some friends over who say the don't like gin pick up a bottle of Genius and make a "Fitzgerald" home. It's the kind of drink that'll make a gin drinker out of anyone and expand your cocktail palate.