Spring Mountain Vineyards a Napa must.

Pardon the Punctuation: Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of your more commercialized wineries sits a gem in the Spring Mountain district. Spring Mountain Vineyard takes the mom and pop feel to another level. Pulling into the driveway and seeing the 19th century Chateau, transports you to a scene from "The Great Gatsby." Owned by a Swiss gazillionaire, this winery cares about one thing...the quality and not the quantity. Patrick is the "Yoda" of this winery and he does an amazing job of making a guest feel right at home. I know that wine can be a little intimidating for a novice drinker but Patrick really knows how to bring the wine tasting experience to a place that can make anyone feel at home. I can't think of a better place in Napa to spend two hours of my time drinking wine. Elivette which is named after the winery owner's parents is the star of the winery. Silky elegance is the only way I can describe the taste. Once you take a sip and swirl it in your mouth, you would swear that Baryshnikov was doing "Swan Lake" on your palate. Spring Mountain Vineyard is the perfect example of ,"You get what you pay for" in life. Their wine is by no means cheap but it is worth every penny and at the end of the day they are just a small producer that takes wine making to a passionate level. When in Napa you must stop by. This is a reservation only kind of place but take the time to call one of the friendly people that work there and set up an appointment. They will ruin two buck chuck for the rest of your life and you will thank them for it.