My “Mancation” at Travaasa Austin, A Paradise in Austin Hill Country.

Pardon The Punctuation… Travaasa is “a new collection of experiential spa resorts that emphasizes real travel and the unique, authentic qualities that make a destination magical.” They offer ” a resort experience that is defined by guided adventures, culinary classes, cultural encounters, healing spa treatments, as well as fitness and wellness workshops.” So you can imagine that when I was invited to partake in a “Mancation” at the Austin resort I jumped at the chance. Don’t worry, ladies are welcome too.

The best part about this blog post is that one lucky dude will be able to win a trip with a few of his buddies to do the same “Mancation.”

The Staff: Probably the friendliest hotel staff I’ve ever dealt with. From the front desk to the restaurant, every person working at travaasa Austin really loves where they work and it shows.

Activities: I participated in archery, horseback riding, pump biking, obstacle course, zip lining, giant swinging, the ultimate tequila tasting, a grilling cooking class, and a farm to table experience where I was able to pick some fresh veggies and see them incorporated in the meal I was about to have. Oh…did I forget to mention the SPA!!!!!!! THE BEST SPA EXPERIENCE EVER! No joke. They have a spa treatment room specifically set up for dudes! After the beating my body took from all of these great activities, the spa was just what the doctor ordered. Once you’re done with the spa you can walk right into their stunning infinity pool for a relaxing swim and view of the hills. Don’t worry ladies there’s plenty for you too…I’m just not going to talk about it because this was a #Mancation!

Archery: It goes to show there are things you didn’t know you didn’t know. I had no idea how much I would love archery. Great instructors also make the experience more enjoyable for a novice like me.

Horseback Riding: Again the experienced instructors rock this out. I was petrified of horses until riding them at Travaasa. My horse “Jeter” was more mellow than a Venice Beach stoner and boy was I thankful for that. After a couple of minutes I felt like a natural. The connection between man and horse was a zen-like synergistic experience that will be cherished forever. The peaceful tranquility of the trail makes it great for both the experienced and first time rider.

Pump Bike Track: Looks easy until you try it. So much friggin fun. I was almost able to complete the course but still had to pedal one time towards the end. It will make you work muscles you forgot you had and seeing your friends fall off a bike never gets old.

Obstacle Course: You do some climbing and dangling before finishing off on a zip line. Such a blast and you’re all strapped in so you never feel unsafe.

Giant Swing: This is literally a giant swing that’s about 30ft up in the air. An electric crank brings you up to the highest point where you get to do the honors of pulling the ripcord. Oh yeah…this is the kind of fun that can leave some staining in the underpants. Did it three times.

Ultimate Tequila Tasting: Ed the sommelier takes you on a journey of some of the best tequilas on the planet. I’m traditionally not much of a tequila guy considering the only memories I had of tequila happen to involve my face planted in a toilet in Mexico. This tasting is the genesis of my new found love for agave goodness.

Grilling class: Nothing like some the smell of some grilled awesomeness and learning how to do so. If you’re that guy who over cooks everything on the grill this is the perfect class for you. Chef keeps it simple and has the gift of conveying the information in a fun way. We had some grilled shrimp, hamachi, and veggies…..yum yum yum yum…nom nom nom nom.

The Bar: The curated selection at the bar blew my mind. First off for my fellow bourbon lovers you can have a vertical tasting of the full portfolio of Pappy Van Winkle….that’s right the best bourbon on the planet is just staring at you while you sit at the bar. Their signature cocktails are also tip top. But I’m not going to lie…I’d make the trip over there just for the Pappy. Worth every penny. Specially the 23 year reserve…wow!

The Restaurant: There’s one restaurant on the property and it’s so good you need nothing else. The farm to table experienced is showcased at the restaurant. There is nothing like eating freshly hatched eggs at breakfast and then sitting down for dinner and eating the veggies you just helped pick on your farm tour experience.

I mentioned this earlier but you’ll have the chance to enter a contest to win this same experience. Follow me on twitter and I’ll keep you up to date with all you need to know to enter. I hope one of my followers wins this trip and tells me all about it. Travaasa knows how to take care of a guest. If Travaasa’s Hawaii property is anything like this one I’m going to be first on the list to jump at the chance to experience it and share it with you guys. Stay tuned and I”ll make sure to keep you in the loop so you can test out you #ManSkills!