Best of the Hamptons Featuring South Edison, Canal Cafe, and Levain Bakery

Pardon The Punctuation...If you're in the Hamptons for the weekend and want to avoid the sound of snobby girls who add the "A" sound to the end of words like "Thank youuuuaaaaaaaahhhhh and yesssaaaaaaaaaahhhh", here are a few places that will hit the spot. I'll start with the finer dining portion and work my way down to the sweet stuff.

Night one I went down to Montauk to a great unpretentious spot called South Edison. Amazing local seafood and produce wrapped up in some of the freshest dishes I've had in the tristate area. Started with a dozen local oysters that were still wiggling on the plate. Tasted like the ocean.

Octopus Tacos: with hen of the woods mushroom, pickled red onion, crema, queso cotija, roasted tomato, and serrano pepper. This wasn't the best rendition of octopus I've ever had. By no means was it bad. I would have preferred the octopus to be grilled instead of being braised in olive oil. It worked fine but probably wouldn't order again.

Lobster Buns: with whole lobster, drawn butter, and served on a brioche bun. Need I say more? These were delicious.

Seared Yellowfin Tuna: with harissa cauliflower puree, heirloom bean, Good Water Farms micro cilantro, Amber Waves Farm Wheatberry, and castlevetrano olive. Served rare and just a exquisitely prepared. This dish could put you into a healthy food coma. All of the veggies are so fresh and this inventive combination of flavors kick ass on your palate.

The dessert is a must at this place. I had a banana chocolate cake that was like none I've ever had. All made in house and the pastry chef is stellar. The sweets menu changes all the time

Next while in the Hamptons you have to try a Lobster roll...It's like having a croissant in Paris. A must. Canal Cafe makes a great lobster roll on a toasted Chiabatta filled with lobster salad and served with fries. Seems pretty basic but the key to this sandwich is the freshness of the lobster. Located right in the marina this places makes for a great spot to end your day whether you're on a date or with the whole family. They also have a wonderful guitar player playing some great relaxing tunes.

Last but not least I went to Levain Bakery for probably the best chocolate chip cookie ever. They are the size of two hockey pucks. I sh*t you not! I'd take a dozen of these cookies over a night with Salma Hayek..well maybe not....these cookies are a close second. If i was diabetic I wouldn't be able to give these guys up.

Overall the Hamptons were good to me and they gave me a great place to get away from the concrete jungle of Manhattan. Just a couple of hours away and feels like it's a world away.