Best of My Stay In Dallas

Pardon The Punctuation...guys I'm hung over as hell and there was an earthquake this morning so I'm going to make this quick. Here are the highlights from my recent trip to Dallas.

Omni Hotel: I've stayed at my share of Omni Hotels and this one takes the cake. The rooms are gorgeous and even have a TV in the bathroom mirror. In the lobby a sports bar called "The Owner's Box" has kick ass food and drinks.

CBD Provisions: Great restaurant adjacent to The Joule Hotel in downtown Dallas. Great steak and the best cauliflower soup I've ever had.

Weekend Coffee: Also in The Joule hotel. Great coffee shop serving up great roasts. Awesome gibraltar.

Chop House Burger: Great place for a quick bite. The burger was juicy and the fries rocked.

Perry's Steakhouse: I don't usually go into a steak house and not order steak. In this case Perry's has the most massive and delicious pork chop ever. If you buy it share's a Texas sized portion.

Mi Cocina: Just a great Mexican dining experience. Fresh ingredients and the "Tacos Mi Tierra" are the shizzzzzzzzznit.

Serious Pizza: A great spot for a late night slice. Full of hipsters but real nice Texas hipsters.

Black Swan Saloon: Located in probably the coolest neighborhood in Dallas called Deep Ellum. The owner Gabe Sanchez will make you the most amazing cocktail you've ever had and he'll write out on your napkin the recipe for it. I ended up going there three times and was blown away over and over again. In my top 5 bars in the good old U.S. of A..

For those of you who are afraid of Texas just grow a pair and make your way to all of these dope spots.