2 Days in Paso

Pardon the punctuation…Paso Robles is located in the central coast of California and home to in my opinion the best bang for your buck wines in the state. I was able to spend a couple of days there in Feb and I was blown away by the experience.

Both nights of my trip were spent at the Allegretto Vineyard Resort. I can’t put it any better than the way they have it written out on the website.

“A Mediterranean-inspired refuge poised along the idyllic east side of Paso Robles, the Allegretto is bathed in acres of sprawling vineyards and orchards, blending the region's best food and wine experiences with European-style hospitality that invokes joy and harmony. Here, discoveries never end, with spaces that open up to lush gardens, soothing spa treatments that perfect balance, and finely crafted cuisine cultivated from local farms and purveyors. Set out to explore the Wine Country on horseback, sip, savor and swirl some of the finest regional wines, including the Allegretto's own private label, or lounge poolside in a private cabana while prepping for the next day's adventures. “

The property…gorgeous. The rooms…cozy. The wines…delicious and they are PET FRIENDLY!!! Also if you happen to have a Tesla or any electric vehicle, they have chargers on property so you are good to go.

Cello Ristorante & Bar on property is perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Nice to be able to stay somewhere where you don’t have to leave the hotel.

First, the ride. So worth it to hire a limo when going to wine country. Get to explore the most without the worry of drinking and driving. Pearl Of Paso LIMO was AMAZING! The ride and the service are top notch. Made for the best wine tasting day I’ve ever had. Reach out and book them.

Now for the wineries I visited. First, Parrish Family Vineyard.

Loved: The new tasting room is stunning and you have to taste their 2014 Silken…yum. Yes also PET FRIENDLY!!!!

Up next was Villa San-Juliette Winery. An absolutely gorgeous villa at the top of a hill surrounded by vines. My favorite wine of theirs had to be the 2013 Romantique. Get your hands on some. I took home 2 bottles. It’s the perfect winery to stop at mid day because they also have great chef’s menu that pairs with the wines. A one stop shop for wine and lunch!

Seven Oxen Winery was a great contrast to the first two. Much smaller production and tasting room, but equally big on delicious taste. Don’t let the quaint tasting room fool you. These are some killer wines. The one that stood out the most to me was their Mouvedre.

On day two it was time to check out the winery that brought me to Paso Robles in the first place. Austin Hope. On a recent trip to Miami I tried their 2015 Cabernet and I was hooked. Hope family Wines has a large portfolio but the Austin Hope label is the one that is the most to my taste. Looooooove their cab and also their GSM blends.

Next it was off to the oldest winery in Paso Robles….Rotta Winery. From their Cabernet to their dessert wine, you can’t go wrong at ROTTA. Knowledgeable staff and delicious wines.

The last stop on my trip was Rangeland Winery tasting room. A great way to end my trip. Relatively new to the scene and are eager to hit homeruns with their wines. My favorite had to be their 2015 Estate Cabernet. All the characteristics that I have come to love from Paso Robles Cabs.

After my first trip to Paso Robles I can’t wait to go back. Every single place I went to was dog friendly and the wines were delightful. If you want the low down on everything wine in Paso make sure you check out the insider info at www.PasoRoblesWineries.net.

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