Jimmy's Sticky Jerky is a Man Among Boys.

Pardon The Punctuation...Like any warm blooded person born in the good old U.S. of A., I love me some dried cured meat. But like most health conscious people the last thing I want to do is "snap into a Slim Jim." Unless the "Jim" you're talking about is Jimmy's Sticky Jerky. I'll snap into this stuff all day long. Their beef and turkey jerky is all hand selected and trimmed to ensure that you get the freshest most tender jerky on God's green earth. Jimmy's Sticky Jerky is by no means cheap. But in this case you truly get what you pay for. Don't worry guys...I got a little coupon code for you to give them a try. I'm going to review five of their beef jerkies going across the spectrum from sweet to hot. First off this is not the jerky I am used to eating. Not dry at all. Tender, juicy, and more like cured pieces of spicy steak than the traditional jerky you have to down with a gallon of water. Lets get to the good stuff from sweetest to hottest.

Sweet: The name says it. The sweetest of them all. I'd call this intro jerky. The kind of jerky for a party or to get you through watching the big game. It'll cause tears of joy instead of tears of heat.

Cilantro-Lime: Nice amount of heat. The cilantro-lime flavor is not overpowering but lingers on the palate. Good stuff.

Heat: Not too hot but I can see how it might be too hot for some folks. I wasn't running to shove my face under the faucet after a piece. Really well marinated with enough spice but still leaves you wanting more. My favorite of them all.

Fire: Hot enough to singe a hole in your underwear. The marinade was great with flavors bursting in your mouth. I loved it. Can only handle a couple of pieces of it at a time.

RFH (Real Freaking Hot): Holy Sh*t this is some hot stuff. Definitely for the more adventurous jerky consumer. Have a gallon of milk handy to wash this down with. This is the kind of jerky to feed your idiot friend you wanna play a prank on. It will put some hair on you ass and many other places. It's delicious and I test anyone to try to down a bag in a five minute sitting. Wow!

Jimmy's Sticky Jerky rocked it out and if you guys wanna try some for yourself use this handy coupon code I was able to hook you up with. Type yumyum10 at check-out and get 10 percent off your order. If you prefer the kind of jerky that gobbles instead of the kind that moos, they've got you covered. As Samuel Jackson said in Pulp Fiction..."This is some serious gourmet sh*t." I love supporting small businesses that make a great product. Give them a try cause I'll take the Pepsi challenge with this jerky any day of the week.