Cotton Cravings Make a Less Guilty "Guilty Pleasure."

Pardon The Punctuation...We all have "Guilty Pleasure" foods that we crave from time to time. One of mine happens to be cotton candy. I've been off the stuff for a while considering how many chemicals make up the cotton candy that's readily available and lets be honest..who the hell wants to make their own cotton candy? On a recent trip to the Fountainebleu hotel in Miami I was surprised to see "Organic" on a package of cotton candy sold there. It was by a little mom and pop company called "Cotton Cravings." By then I'd already had a couple of bourbon cocktails and was jonesing something sweet. The "Dulce De Leche" flavor caught my attention so I grabbed a pack and made my way to the pool. After ripping the package open I was blown away by what was in there. Fluffy, delicious, melt in your mouth cotton candy like I'd never had before. The pillowy clouds of rich dulce de leche transported me in a time warp to being a kid again. Mind you and slightly intoxicated kid by a pool in Miami but a kid none the less. Needless to say I went back and bought every flavor they had. My Favorites were dulce de leche, chic chocolate raspberry, and happy happy birthday cake. Yes I know cotton candy is not known for it's nutritional content but when it comes down to our guilty pleasures who cares? Whether your vice is burgers, ice cream, fries, pizza or anything that requires a pile of Lipitor after you eat it, why not go for the "better for you" version. If we're gonna do it anyway lets put stuff in our bodies that's made out of the best possible organic ingredients on the planet.