The Spring Menu at Estérel at the Sofitel Beverly Hills.

Pardon the Punctuation...Last week I had the blessed opportunity of sampling some items from the 2014 spring menu at Estérel at the hotel Sofitel in Beverly Hills. First off they've got a glamorous dining room with a gorgeous open kitchen. Chef Marius Blin has put together a solid spring menu to satisfy anyone's tastebuds. His love for sourcing from the local farmer's market ensures you'll be getting the freshest of the fresh local produce on your plate. Here's what I got to taste.

Marrow Bone Gratine: Parmesean gartiné marrow bones with grilled bread. It's a little on the heavy side so if you're extra hungry this might be the way to go. Nothing like some fatty marrow to start your meal.

Tuna Carpaccio: with truffled wild arugula and artichoke chips. What an exquisite dish. Fresh thing sliced tuna in truffle goodness. Refreshing and delicious. This is a must order if you're only having one appetizer.

Brussels Sprouts: charred with apple chutney and bits of lardon. Great combo of savory and sweet. Can't go wring with the sprouts.

Beef Shortrib: with celery, marrow bone gratiné, brussels sprouts, and carrots. I'm a huge fan of shortrib. These were tender, juicy, and the perfect portion size. You can't go wrong with ordering this one.

Grilled Beef Tenderloin: A tender medium rare cut of beef served with truffle celery puree, roasted asparagus, comfit basil cherry tomato, and red wine sauce. Every bite was better than the next.

Dessert: Pear tart, cheesecake, and house made salted caramel ice cream. The pear tart and cheesecake were great. I don't want to take anything away from them but I've been dreaming about that salted caramel ice cream all week. Waking up in cold sweats craving that salty caramel goodness. That stuff is so good the Sofitel should open up an ice cream kiosk by the front desk. They'd make a fortune just from me. Imagine coming back to your hotel after a night of clubbing in Hollywood only to find a pint of fresh ice cream waiting for you in your room..a foodie can dream.

Get your butts over there ASAP for a great night of food, drinks, and oh yeah....amazing ice cream!!!!!!!!