Nothing says "Te Amo" like some Te Amo Ice Cream in The Fridge


Pardon the punctuation...I recently discovered "Te Amo" ice cream while attending the last LA Underground Market about a month ago. It's a tough job but I decided I need to sample more of their amazing product and get the word out there. They make small batch artisan ice cream and boy can they do it well. Best part is if you live in Los Angeles you can have it delivered to your door. I love the opportunity to introduce new and amazing products that I think you guys will enjoy. Here's what I had.

Strawberry Balsamic: With balsamic reduction and pink peppercorns. Just a delicious and elegant blend of flavors. The balsamic reduction gives just enough sweet and tart to entice the palate.

Pistachio: With chopped pistachio. If you're a fan of pistachio ice cream this may the best one you've ever had. Yummy chunks for pistachio made me smile with every bite.

Butter Pecan: With clusters of candied pecans. The are huge chunks of yummy and crunchy pecans in every bite. Could have eaten a gallon of this stuff.

Toasted Coconut: With toasted coconut flakes. You can taste the freshness of the coconut in every bite of it. By far my favorite of the bunch. This was a touch one to share but I managed.

If you live in Los Angeles and you want to order some for yourself contact and order some. I think Whole Foods needs to get their butt together and put "Te Amo" on the shelves ASAP. The only bad part about writing this is that I have no more of it in my freezer to eat right now. When Oprah finds out about them they'll be on her "Favorite Things" list.