For Tasty Salted Pig Parts Head to "Boccalone" in the Ferry Building From Chris Cosentino

Pardon The Punctuation... If in the mood for anything tasty and made of pork, scoot your butt over to the Ferry building in San Francisco for some "Boccalone" from famed chef Chris Cosentino. You can get everything from house made salami to italian sausage. In this particular case I'm writing about my favorite sandwich from Boccalone the "Mess Piggy." It's your basic pulled pork with spicy pickled peppers sandwich. I know it sounds simple but that sandwich is the bomb. Had it for lunch yesterday and it happened to be the last one on the menu. Quick and to the point this week guys. Have the Mess Piggy right the second you finish reading this...or read this as you walk down the street to get one of your own. Spicy delicious pork goodness. You might want to order two.