"1682" A Taste of Nola in Queens.

Pardon The Punctuation...We all know that New York has no shortage of good restaurants but sometimes we just wanna get out of the concrete jungle and enjoy a slightly more peaceful dinner. Long Island City just across the water in Queens provides refuge for the foodie that wants a break from the big city. 1682 sits on a corner just a few blocks away from the 7 train exit and has successfully brought a little bit of the French Quarter to Queens. I was lucky enough to have dinner there a couple of weeks ago and they did not disappoint. Here's the feast.

Crab Meat and Avocado Terrine: A layer of sliced avocado and seasoned crabmeat topped with creme fraiche and lime cilantro dressing. This is a prime example of fresh ingredients equals fresh flavor. A wonderfully palate cleansing appetizer that was the perfect start to the meal. Clean, fresh, and hit the spot before the heavier main courses.

Steamed Mussels: Steamed mussels in a red wine sauce. Mussels are one of the things that I must have when I see them on a menu. Being that one of the restaurant's owner is from Paris I figured these would be a hit and they were. Fresh and you could taste the ocean in every bite.

Seafood Gumbo: Loaded with andouille sausage, calamari, shrimp, bay scallops, mussels, crab meat, and dirty rice. A hearty and filling dish large enough to share. Of course I ate the whole thing. Not too spicy and the textures just rolled off the palate. This dish is a hit.

Bourbon Coconut Bread Pudding: Yummy coconut bread pudding served with bourbon cream sauce...did someone say bourbon? My mouth is watering as i write this. A must have if you go.

Le Tarte Tatin: Baked apples in a flaky pastry with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. An excellent interpretation of a classic French apple tart. It was over shadowed by the awesomeness of the coconut bread pudding.Okay guys the fact that I'm dreaming about this meal as I write this is enough reason to get your butts over to 1682 ASAP. Stop reading this and hop on the subway and chow down! This place is definitely on my list next time I'm in NYC.