Top Notch Sushi in Toluca Lake. Izakaya Sushi Ran

Pardon the punctuation...It's good to know that I have awesome sushi 10 min from my place. Last night went with the with the wife to Sushi Ran for some rainy weather sushi. Only had a couple of rolls but here are the highlights. They have the best seaweed salad I have had in Los Angeles. It's your standard seaweed salad except it's fused with some mixed greens and pickled radish. Good stuff. For our rolls we had a Number one roll and a spicy tuna with scallop roll. gigantic and delicious is the best way to describe the number one roll. The scallop roll had the perfect amount of spice and was cooked to perfection. If you're in Toluca Lake and craving some sushi be sure to check them'll end up a returning customer like me.