The Farm Beverly Hills

Last night I took my wife to "The Farm of Beverly Hills" where we used a lovely Groupon that I bought about a month before. The Groupon was  $20 for $40 so this was a win win situation right off the bat and I called ahead to check on their corkage fee which was only $10. Can't go wrong with this one. We brought a bottle of 1998 Raymond Vineyards Generations which retails for about $80 but of course for anyone that knows me knows that I never pay full price. This bottle was scooped up in December for the price of $53 for two bottles on one of my favorite discount wine websites WTSO . That said the night was heading in the right direction before we got there. OpenTable took care of the reservations and we were all set to go. Next came our appetizer.  We went with something fresh. The Heirloom Tomato and Buratta topped with crushed pepper, sea salt and a balsamic reduction. Not the best I've ever had but it was really good and complimented our wine and main course perfectly. For our piece de resistance Linda guided us to the 20oz cowboy steak for two and they are not lying. This thing was huge and came with two sides. Truffle mac 'n cheese and garlic mash had to be our choices to accompany this monster hunk of beef. Folks this was certified humane Meyer natural angus beef and it was delicious. The only bump on the road was that we ordered it medium rare and it came medium. Linda was more than happy to take it back for us and have a new steak brought out.  It was the best Ribeye I've had in a long time and that truffle mac 'n cheese was amazing.  Lets face it, you could put truffle oil on almost anything and it will probably taste good. I have a feeling I might be ordering steaks from Meyer in the near future. Though we were stuffed we asked Linda if there was a dessert we had to have and before we finished our sentence she said,"The Farm brownie sundae." Done and done. It was to die for. It smelled so go I almost forgot to take a picture of it before digging in. Absolutely one of the bet brownies I've ever had and I pride myself in being a chocoholic. 

The Farm has TheYumYumFoodieseal of approval and will definitely be a place I recommend in the future. Good service and fresh food served piping hot. Lets email Groupon and make sure they put one out for this place every week. Would I go back and pay full price? Yes and it would be worth every penny.The Farm of Beverly Hills you have been YumYummed!