The Butcher had all my answers for lunch

Walking around New Orleans you run into so many amazing places to eat that it's sometimes hard to decide. What helps me is to look for a place that seems to have the most locals eating there. Today that place was Cochon Butcher . The food Gods blessed me today and had me walk down the right street to run into this amazing foodie haven. There are so many things on the menu that I want to try. This place will be on my lunch list at least two more times during my stay.  My knowledgable hipster cashier steered me in the direction of the Muffaletta . The amazing cold cut sandwich that originated in New Orleans via it's Sicilian Immigrants.  All of the meats on this beast are made in house and served with fresh chips and the yummiest pickles I've ever tried and I'm not a pickle fan. I could have eaten a whole jar of these sweet green suckers. That hipster cashier also mentioned that though he had worked at Cochon Butcher for a year, that the ,"Peanut butter and jelly cookies still amaze me to this day. They're just like awesome dude." Normally trusting the stoner types when it comes to food is not my thing, but I figured what the hell. A little PB and J in a cookie was worth trying. Thank you Mr. hipster, stoner, cashier guy. Your obvious multiple cases of the munchies led you to tell me about these amazing cookies. My friends, even if you don't go in for a sandwich just swing by and grab one of these spectacular guilty pleasure cookies.  This place is officially YumYummed.