"SuViche" A Great Peruvian Discovery on South Beach

Pardon the Punctuation...Went out to dinner with a friend last friday night in South Beach and decided to walk into a random place and check it out. Sitting on a corner just off of Alton road and 16th street is "SuViche", a Peruvian and Japanese fusion restaurant. Never have I been to a place where I could order Lomo Saltado and a Spicy Tuna roll from the same menu. Before I get to the food let me tell you about the service. Being originally from Miami I know that I should always expect the shittiest service no matter where I eat in my home town...that's just the way it is. Our server "Thalia" set the bar for the best service I've ever had in Miami. Now lets get to the food.

Fish Ceviche with Aji Amarillo sauce: One of best tasting and most creative ceviche dishes I've ever had. The Aji Amarillo sauce made the flavors of the fish and citrus burst in your mouth...I could eat this every day of my life.

Steak Roll: This was basically a California roll with sashimi sauteed steak slices on top. It was tasty but I probably wouldn't order it again.

Aji de Gallina: After asking Thalia what her favorite dish and she recommended this. It consists of juicy shredded chicken with Aji Amarillo sauce, sliced Idaho potatoes, walnuts, and a side of white rice. I can't argue with her, this was delicious. I'm gonna learn how to make that yellow pepper sauce when I get home and pretty much put it on every dish I make for the rest of my life.

Creme Brulee Chirimoya: A nice spin on the traditional creme brulee which was not overly sweet and feature the chirimoya fruit. Definitely worth trying.

Needless to say that if you're walking down Lincoln Rd in Miami Beach and you're trying to avoid all of the tourist trap restaurants, give SuViche a shot and make sure to ask for Thalia.