Sotto Mare San Fransisco

Pardon the Punctuation......per my friend I went to Sotto Mare in the north beach area of San Francisco for some fresh seafood. They sat me at the counter which was a real treat because it gave me a front row seat to the kitchen. The best view in the house. First thing on my plate had to be a half dozen fresh west coast oysters which came on a bed of crushed ice with delicious cocktail sauce and horseradish. Next I wanted to get as much seafood bang for my buck so I went with the seafood linguini which was loaded with shell fish for a only $19. Worth every penny.  Everything was so fresh I could swear they have a guy in the back clubbing live fish before they cook it for you. The only thing they are missing is a dessert menu. Apparently the owner is a diabetic and can't control himself so no sugar on the menu. This was actually a blessing in disguise since it gave me plenty of time to walk down my food on the way back to the hotel.  This place is a San Francisco must.