Restaurant 1833 in Monterey...a Diamond on the California Coast

Pardon the Punctuation...When in the lovely town of Monterey there is one place you must check out, Restaurant 1833 This is not just a place to eat, it's also a place to experience. Have your server tell you about it's haunted and twisted past and your dining will be enlightened. You are basically eating in a two story house converted into a restaurant with a haunted history and stories of the paranormal. Besides that, the food is just plain awesome. It's a real foodie haven in this neck of the woods. Since I was solo I just headed over to the bar for a beer and pizza. My great bartender John recommended a northern California beer Scrimshaw pilsner and a wild mushroom pizza with sage, prosciutto, and a poached egg. Lets start with the beer. Crafted in a Munich style it was crisp, refreshing, and just hit the spot after a long day of travel. In regards to the pizza it was a nice portion..definitely something you can share. When it came to the presentation the pizza comes with two poached eggs on top that you have to break with your fork and spread around the pizza. I'd rock this pizza out for breakfast any day. If you find yourself in the area definitely stop by. Whether it's for a bite,a drink, or their amazing absinthe bar, you won't be disappointed.