Lunch at Bluestem Brasserie San Fransisco

Pardon the Punctuation.....upon checking into the hotel Palomar in the heart of San Francisco, my awesome concierge recommended Bluestem Brasserie and made a brunch reservation for me.  They sat me in the second floor patio which was perfect for taking in this amazing Sunday afternoon. Any place with a drink on the menu called "The Honey Badger" automatically gets a thumbs up from me. The chef sent over a complimentary plate of freshly baked scones and a house made charcuterie. Those this sounds disgusting, the blood and tongue sausage was my favorite thing on the charcuterie plate. The combination of sweet and salty on that plate made it the perfect starter for my main brunch dish the Porchetta sandwich. I'm always a sucker for  slow roasted pork shoulder on any menu.  This sandwich did not disappoint. The only bad thing about the meal was that I was so full I didn't have room for dessert. I will definitely be coming back here for more amazing food in my week long stay in San Fran. Bluestem Brasserie is TheYumYumFoodie approved.
P.S. They've got one of the best Bloody Mary's on the planet.