Acadiana a Taste of NOLA In The Heart of D.C.

Pardon the Punctuation...while taking full advantage of the D.C. restaurant week specials, I was guided by my childhood friend Tim to check out Acadania for lunch. Having been a student of Tulane university, Tim knows his creole food so I trusted his judgement and hit them up for lunch. For $20.13 I got an appetizer, entree, and dessert. They start you off with fresh warm biscuits accompanied by a spicy butter which are worth slapping a baby to get the recipe. I could eat these like tic tacs but instead opted with only one so I'd have enough room for the rest of the food. Our lovely waitress Meg suggested the crawfish étouffée with a crab soup as an appetizer. Being a born Floridian, the key lime pie is a slice of home and I had to order it. Nothing better than having a server with good taste. She was right on point with the perfect thing for me to order.

Crab Soup: Blended together and rich like a bisque. If you want a soup on the lighter side this is not the soup for you. It was rich and just pure deliciousness.

Crawfish Étouffée: A great deal on this menu. The dish regularly costs $16 and I was able to get it as part of the $20.13 three course menu. That aside it was in the top 3 étouffée plates I've ever had and definitely the best I've had outside of the "Big Easy." The flavors were well balanced with not too much heat. Fresh, fresh, fresh and adding a little Avery island gold was what took it to the next level.

Key Lime Pie: There was nothing wrong with it but it just wasn't authentic. The consistency and the graham cracker crust were good. There was a pink raspberry cream on top that didn't do it for me. Kind of ruined the dish and I hope people don't taste it and think that original Key Lime pie is supposed to taste that way. I appreciate the effort but think the execution could have gone a little better.

If you're in downtown D.C. and in the mood for some creole New Orleans food give Acadania a try. Specially during restaurant week. The prices weren't too excessive and the dishes are worth what you pay for. TheYumYumFoodie approved!